Reading Their Mind and Body

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Silences talk more than words when you are in love. Perhaps best feelings are not expressed through words. They are read in between the silences of the dark. In fact it has been claimed that 90 percent of what we say among the words is non-verbal. So if you are thinking to believe your better half then read between those lines to catch their heart and soul.
Read their mind and body to have their heart before you.

The Face

Look into the eyes of your partner. If they aren’t making eye contact, not paying attention to what you are saying or are looking frequently to something else other than you then change the topic of discussion. The discussion is not comfortable and they are not opening to you. Let him/her take time and come back to you with the same topic in future. A lose gaze is the sign of boredom of discomfort. You can easily make out whether it’s boredom hitting the conversation or the lack of interest.

While someone looking into your eyes and talking to you shows the interest and the intent one has in your words. They are making an effort to understand you or find the meaning of discussion.

Looking to the left side during conversation is a sign of piling up the talk as soon as possible (Weird but its true!). The right side glances is a clear indication of memorizing your words visually as you speak along.

A smile across the lips shows that you have been knocked out of conversation. There is nothing you could do to get back the attention. A grin shows that he/she has a lot of attitude. Well enough or too hot for someone cold minded like you to handle.

Frequent smile during the conversation shows that you are having the best possible exchange of words, emotions and sentiments among two souls. You can pat yourself for achieving this!

The Body

The body language gets noticed more than facial expressions. Let’s look at the “larger part” of the story.

You have hit the deck of boredom if they have gone silent. Silence is a symbol of resistance, boredom and lack of interest in the conversation.

Folded arms indicate either head or the tail. Your partner is either engaged in listening to you and giving full attention to your words; or possibly that they are angry with you. The chances of latter are likely high if you had a bad day.

Legs are interesting part which speak a lot about interest in the conversation. They are completely involved physically and mentally if legs are crossed towards you.

Summing up with the observation, an open heart and good intentions are important for having a conversation with your partner.

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