How to relax and reduce your stress and Anxiety


Stress management

Stress and anxiety follow a simple rationale of the demand and supply constant or formula of emotional resources. Due to an increase in the sedentary life style has lead to an increase life style diseases, it has lead to increase in stress and anxiety. In a way it forms a vicious circle, which is not easy to break. Hence we become the part of this circle and it has devastating effect on our lives. We feel stress and pressured when we are unable to cope with the daily pressures and demands that are greater than greater than the resources provided to us.

Stress and Anxiety Management:

We have heard of anger management, but here we talk about the Stress and Anxiety Management. Stress Management primarily deals with making life- style changes that affect you and your health. Surely stress and Anxiety have adverse effect on our lives, but it is not all that bad, as stress is the natural survival technique of our body to respond to dangers. Anxieties are the sensations that travel through our body when in constraint of time and in adverse situation, anxiety normally leads to problems such as High Blood Pressure, Heart diseases and many such life style diseases. This directly related to stress, when stress reduces so does anxiety.

Techniques to reduce Stress and Anxieties:

There are various techniques such as Diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, reiki, yoga, dietary changes etc. All these techniques have proven beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. These techniques are:

Diaphragmatic breathing technique:

It is the most important Stress Management technique to reduce levels of Stress and Anxiety. Inhaling and exhaling rapidly from chest and moth adds to stress levels. Hence one should avoid breathing from mouth rather inhale and exhale from diaphragm. It will help in relieving stress and deep breaths helps you also reduce anxiety prangs.


The most famous rather infamous technique to reduce stress and anxiety is- meditation. Sitting at one place with eyes closed and mind in concentrating position, it enlarges the mind and brain, so that we are able to get more from our life. Stress and anxiety follows the simple demand and supply formula one of the method to get out of the vicious circle of stress anxiety and sedentary lifestyle is through Meditation. It is the solution of to get away from all the disease that arises from sedentary lifestyle.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness means to be in a place where we are fully aware of our surroundings and not being bothered about whatever is going on near us. A new and improved form of meditation ids called Mindfulness meditation, it is exactly like normal meditation only difference here is that it can be done any here and at any spot, it de- clutters your mind and brain and fills you with new energy.


An ancient Indian technique that includes both physical and mental excursion, yoga is a set of exercises that enables to reduce stress and anxiety and make the body fit. At the same time it makes you more resilient to those recurring stress- triggers and sudden anxiety prangs.


Reiki is the true energy within oneself lying at the bottom of the stomach. In order to get that energy to come from within a person needs to concentrate and meditate for the energy to free flow. Reiki is self- rediscovery, the true – self is the ultimate healing process. It is a Japanese technique used for reduction of stress and anxiety.

Reiki- a technique of Stress Management:

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for healing and reducing level of stress, it enables relation of mind and body, and helpful in healing the prospective ailments that one might be suffering from. It is an energy healing technique, it uses the hand on and hands of method. What makes reiki so unique and powerful method of de- stressing oneself is that it infuses your chakras and your body with the universal light- energy.  Reiki helps in connecting with heart and also enables us to realign ourselves with higher being. It is a system that not one heals from inside and outside, but it prevents from getting attacked by the upcoming levels of stress and anxiety.

Practice of Reiki:

It is practised by “lying on hands”. This practice is based on the idea that “life force energy “, and this energy is what makes us alive. It is believed that if the energy of a person is low then that person feels ill or stressed, but if his energy is high, then they are suppose to feel glad and happy.

Reiki as a Healing Agent:

Since it is method of cleansing and healing, it is undoubtedly more spiritual way rather than religious. As it’s not religious, we can say that it doesn’t advocate any doctrine to follow in specific manner. In fact it is not dependent on any belief; it will work even when there is an absence of belief. It is more intellectual than the religious concept. Hence, it is a fundamentally innate method of healing. It is a method that can be used by everyone. Reiki practitioners suggest that, it can virtually cure any disease, and creates the most beneficial effects.

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