Are You Breathing Right?


Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques- Breathing is one of the most unconscious habits all living beings. Believe it or not, our breathing habits have a strong impact on our well being. Body posture and breathing, are things that we generally pay less attention to. There have been a lot of mistakes in the breathing pattern most of us have been following for years now, that too without even realizing it. But here we will tell you how it can be corrected easily. Our breathing habit determines a lot about our health. There are several diseases that we catch or cure based on the breathing habits followed by us. It carries out many functions of the body like muscle relaxation, pumping of the heart, skin exfoliation, brain functioning, etc.

Well, in the ancient times, people were taught how to breathe. However, we have lost that touch over the time. Most of us are breathing wrong. Read below to acquire the correct Breathing Techniques.

Breathe through the nose and not the mouth.

Most of us breathe through our mouth without realizing its consequences. The air we breathe through our mouth is unfiltered air and leads to many diseases. It is full of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

You need to start breathing though your nose, it may take you a while to get into this routine but the benefits are immense. The nostrils filter the air that you breathe providing the lungs with cleaner and warmer air.

Deliberate breathing

Now while you breathe you have to be cautious about how you are breathing. Initially, you will have to watch over, then it will become a routine. Inhale for 2-3 seconds and exhale for about 7-8 seconds. Then give a pause of about 2-3 seconds. This will help you inhale for longer and make the breathing smoother. Practice this at least for 15 minutes each day.

If you got a stuffy nose and are unable to breathe from nostrils, you must still do it deliberately. It will only take you a few days to get back to your normal and hygienic breathing routine.


Right breathing:  positive thoughts

If you follow a straight posture and are taking deep breaths and releasing them in long exhales, your diaphragm gets more space and the overall bodily functions are carried out properly. If all the basic functions are carried out right, the mind releases more of positive thoughts.

Watch over your body

Well, it is very important that you watch over your body. It helps you understand how and when it is relaxed and how you must treat your body to keep it healthy and active.

Be conscious of your body and follow these little habits to keep your body healthy and mind positive. The improper breathing habits will make you lethargic and stressed out. Thus, it is very important to follow a proper rhythmical breathing pattern.


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