Right Gemstones to Pacify Your Planets

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Right Gemstones to Pacify Your Planets:

Right Gemstones to Pacify Your Planets: Anyone can wear gemstones to get the favourable results, get blessings of the planets and to keep the troubles at bay. If the dasha or position of any is favourable, we choose that planet for our betterment and good fortune. Wearing the corresponding gemstone of that planet speeds up good results in the chart of that planet hence favoring us.

Gemstones to get favourable results:

If we want to have some favourable or good results in some of the aspect of life, we can strengthen the favourable planets as per the chart. Like If anybody want improvement in his career, then the prescribed gemstone can be of Yogakaraka in D-10 then. If a functional benefic is not placed well or is weak, still gemstone can be used.

We will take another example, If one’s lagna is in Capricorn and Venus is yogakaraka. Let’s say that Venus is in the 8th House (Leo). One may not see favourable or good results in the dasha despite of it being in yogakaraka. In this case wearing diamond which is the gemstone of Venus will make it more powerful to give good results till the time possible one should avoid gemstone of functional malefics, also gemstones of marakas should be avoided when the maraka dasha is running. Below is the list of gemstones and metals of all the planets. The combination of a particular gemstone with a particular metal can be used for strengthening the planet.

How to Wear a Gemstone:

The ring should be worn a particular weekday which represents a particular planet, because the planetary strength is good on that day.

Two gemstones can be combined and can be worn, in that case the corresponding planets should be in friendly situation and should be beneficiary. This is genrally happens when the two planets forms a yog. Now suppose if Mercury, the 10th lord and Venus the 9th lord are together then dharma-karamadhipati yog is formed. In this case a ring which has Emerald and Diamond may be advised. In the same way when Sun and Moon conjoin in native’s  chart with Aries lagna, the formation of a Rajyog happens and a ring with Ruby and Pearl can be advised.

Gemstones according to planets:

As per the Astrology Index finger is assigned to Jupiter, middle finger to Saturn, ring finger to Sun and little finger to Mercury. Gemstones which are related to Mercury and Venus are worn in the little finger and gemstones of Saturn in the middle finger. Some astrologers believe that the fingers (ring, middle, index and little finger) are the four purushaarthas called dharma, artha, karma and moksha. As per these astrologers wearing a ring in a particular finger represents the purushaarth of their interest. If someone is desiring to get married may wear the ring on his little finger of his 7th lord in horoscope. If some one is  looking for good growth and fruitful results in career may wear the ring of Yogkaraka of his D-10 on his middle finger. As the index figer represents moksh that is why usually it is left ring less.

We advise to consult our expert astrologer before wearing or selecting any gem.

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