Sankashthi Chaturthi


Sankashthi Chaturthi is a day to worship lord Ganesha. This auspicious day is celebrated every lunar month on the fourth Krishna paksha also know as waning phase of the moon.

The day holds more auspiciousness and holiness if it falls on the day of Tuesday also known as Angarki chaturthi.

The devotees of Lord Ganesha worship or please the god by observing fast. They pen their fast in the presence of moonlight followed by chants and prayers of Lord Ganesha.

The holy day of Tuesday or Angarki Chaturthi holds special special importance in Hindu calendar. Any wish asked with full devotion and sacredness gets fulfilled by lord Ganesha on this day.

The word Sanskathi means “the one who saves you in trouble”; hence the day is devoted to Vighnharta or Lord Ganesha.

Among the main rituals, Ganpati Atharvashesha is being recited to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Shubh Mahurat for Sankashthi Chaturthi 8th January

  Starting Ending
Date 8th January 2015 9th January 2015
Time 15:57 18:31

May Lord Ganesha fulfill all your wishes and bring prosperity in your life.

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