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Planet Saturn:


Saturn or Shani is the outermost planet in the Navgraha. So, in the end, the Saturn has the last laugh, Saturn rules al the final things. Since it is a slow-moving planet, it is also called Shanishcharaya. It takes around 7 and a half years for normal transit, and it takes around 30 years to complete one rotation around the sun. For this very slow movement, it is called Shanishcharaya. For some this planet is inauspicious, but in reality, it is a very benevolent planet and benefits when placed in a favorable house of the native’s horoscope. Although, Shani is the son of Sun god Surya and his wife Chhaya. Since he has the ring around him he is said to rule all restrictions and everything that surrounds him.

What is Shani dosh or Sade Saati?


Astrologically speaking, Sade Sati is a term that occurs when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before entering moon sign. It is said to be weakened when placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 14th Houses of the horoscopes. Going by the name this phenomenon occurs after every 7 and ½ years, after this time period the presence Shani is no longer.

Saturn or Shani Transit to Sagittarius:


Saturn moves in reverse motion from 19th April to 6th September 2018. After this time it will continue to move in the direct direction or its direct motion in Sagittarius sign till 1st May 2019. During this phase of regression, the journey of Saturn and Sade- Sati will be experienced by the natives of the Libra Sign.

Saturn transit effects on the 12 Zodiac Signs:


Following are the effects of the Saturn transit to other Zodiac Signs:

1) Effect of Saturn Transit on Aries:


The Saturn transit will affect the destiny of all those who are born in this sign. This transit depicts the steady growth in the professional life, while a possibility of gains in professional life. You have to put in more of hard work or more of effort so that you are able to achieve your targeted goals. Although, this transit brings clarity in thought and action and travels are predicted. All in all this transit for Aries looks good.
Simple Remedy: If you feed a roti with Ghee smeared on it to a black cow then it will prove even more beneficial.

2) Effect of Saturn Transit on Taurus:


It is going to a rollercoaster of emotions for you this year. There is going to be an increase in finances and money. In order to bring back the balance in your life please clear all the debts. In terms of your relationship, it is going to be a bumpy ride as you are going to expect a lot from your partner and not going to get according to your expectation. This is your month to make wise decisions and you will have power for creating the control.
Simple remedy: It is advised that if you donate black clothes and shoes during this time it will bring in immense luck.

3) Effect of Saturn Transit on Gemini:


You will get a desire to change or improve your lifestyle and present situation. During the period of the transits, a constant need to care in the relationship will arise. Be patient while dealing with some of the closest relationships. There might be a pilgrimage journey in your cards. You will form a marital alliance this year.
Simple remedy: It is advised that if you wear a black horseshoe ring in your middle finger it will prove to be worthy.

4) Effect of Saturn Transit on Cancer:


This transit will bring in some stress for you this time period. But the motivation and determination from your end will help you get past all obstacles. The key areas will be balanced accordingly. At the same time, your marital relationship will demand a lot of attention. In orde3r to avoid stress and increased pressure complete all the backlog work. Health should be given due importance as it will have some issues.
Simple remedy: It is said that it will be good if you can feed the birds with 7 different grains.

5) Effect of Saturn Transit on Leo:


This transit is going to give you a lukewarm response, this transit brings a desire to succeed and that too without shortcuts. You will put in an effort to work hard in the area to achieve your success. Since there will be an increase in responsibility there would be a desire to do more and discipline yourself. This transit brings opportunities to showcase your talents. Your relationship will get back on track by going on dates and taking care of those around you.
Simple remedy: Lighting of The oil lamp filled with mustard oil under the Peepal Tree would bring success in many folds.

6) Effect of Saturn Transit on Virgo:


This transit will be a bag of mixed results. There is a possibility of change in job for the better. During this period of Transit, you will get the dream job might also have face obstacles and challenges from your opposition. There might be a lack of family support and because of which you might feel lonely, your past might disturb you, and your aspiration to get famous in your social circle will be an aspiration only. This is going to be a time period of good and persistent prospect of long-term business prospects.
Simple remedy: On every Sunday it is advised that if you offer vermillion or sindoor to Lord Hanuman It will prove beneficial for you.

7) Effect of Saturn Transit on Libra:


This transit looks positive for you; it will definitely bring success through Struggle. Make your effort in the right direction so that you can achieve success. You will manage all your challenges without any worries and stress. Stiffness and shyness are seen in terms of your approach, this is the time to take a note of the responsibilities very seriously fight all your hurdles and obstacles and you will be victorious. It is a time to learn something new for growth in career and life.
Simple remedy: Feeding ladoo to monkeys and black dogs for sure shot success.

8) Effect of Saturn Transit on Scorpio:


The transition period will prove to be a productive period because you will be working on self; spend in learning about your inner thoughts. Also, take time to know yourself. You will see a boost in your self-confidence and you will bring major changes in your lives. Do not depend on others for your work. Work on your speech and don’t use harsh words. Spend time with loved ones.
Simple remedy: Those who are ill or those you are patients serve them with kindness and compassion.

9) Effect of Saturn Transit on Sagittarius:


This is the year of constructive and adverse effects; it is believed that with an increase in responsibility, a sense of seriousness will be seen in your approach. You will be easily frustrated because of the lack of self- confidence. You have a strong desire to fulfill your desire; this will be done only by taking the guidance of Elders. You can tackle all your approaches with maturities. At home front relationships would demand more attention.
Simple remedy: The best remedy is doing not consume alcohol or non–vegetarian food.

10) Effect of Saturn Transit on Capricorn:


Both the profits and growths are indicated in the transit periods. This phase and transit also bring in restlessness and disturbances. Please tone down your Blunt attitude and mind your language. Efforts by you to make amends with and for futures. Try and explore your own identity. The transition will bring foreign deals, which will be beneficial for the future. Work hard to get your goals.
Simple remedy: Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and shedding of about 11 coconuts with husk in running water would help.

11) Effect of Saturn Transit on Aquarius:

It brings in Promising effects on you, the hard work and efforts that you put in your work will guarantee best results to you. This is the best time period to complete your entire pending task. Contribute to the field of Social work so that you are able to get the best of you. You are blessed with maturity and capability to carry out all responsibility, Good period for getting success in business.
Simple remedy: For you, it is advised that you can donate mustard oil in any Temple.

12) Effect of Saturn Transit on Pieces:


This period of Transit will get more clarity of life. All the efforts that you put in will get you to result in terms of fame and acknowledgment etc. Since it will also increase responsibility, so will there be an increase in name and fame. Although, it is predicted that you will travel abroad to get the deal that you always wanted.
Simple remedy: It is advised that you feed black dog every Saturday.

At askganesha, you can exalt the weak Saturn by doing Shani Puja and Anushthan, performed by our well – versed Purohits. You can read your yearly horoscope at our website to know further you can also opt for the year Ahead report so that you know where your weak Saturn lies and do follow the simple remedies mentioned above, that is pertaining to your zodiac sign.

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