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Shree Satyanarayan Puja is worship or a form of puja which is committed to Lord Vishnu (the Preserver), the one among the incomparable Hindu trinities. “Satyanarayan” is an amalgamation of two words, ‘Satya’ signifies truth, ‘Narayan’ signifies the most astounding and supreme being that implies Lord Vishnu as the embodiment of reality.

Lord Satyanarayan

Who is prayed in Satyanarayan Puja?

Lord Satyanarayana is one of the forms of Lord Maha Vishnu. The Lord in this form is viewed as the embodiment of reality. This Vishnu puja is performed to guarantee the success, wealth, bliss and prosperity of yourself and your family. The ritual appears to have picked up fame in present day times too. It is considered to beneficially affect the individuals who perform it with complete worship and truthfulness. As per the legends, a few rulers and shippers used to perform it in the past to defeat affliction and win the beauty of Satyanarayan swami, a kind-hearted Lord Vishnu.

Significance of Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayana means the master of truth or reality itself. ‘Satya’ signifies truth. God Narayana is believed to have made this world. So, all in all, it implies the presence of omnipotent who made life and who made nature. The ritualistic love of Lord Vishnu or Sri Satyanarayan Puja is, for the most part, performed on a full moon day or Purnima of consistently or on any special occasion, for example, accomplishing or satisfying a desire, as an extraordinary thanksgiving to the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity. The long stretches of Kartik, Vaisakh, Shravan, and Chaitra in the Hindu calendar are perfect for this custom. It can likewise be seen on the new moon day or on a Sankranti — the start or end of a Hindu month.

satyanarayan katha

When this puja is performed?

Satyanarayan Puja is performed before the opening of any premises or any foundation on the grounds is the main custom, Shrivishnu, speaks to Kriya-shakti (Energy of activity) which gives force to the undertaking of individual dimensions. To build the Raja segment required for the finance and for keeping the premises associated with the business clean is the fundamental of Satyanarayan puja. For the most part, at the initiation of any place this puja is performed to bestow vitality to the whole ritual and Vishnu mantra are chanted along the course.

Satyanarayan Puja

The symbolism of Sri Satyanarayana Puja

Satyanarayana Puja has some hidden meaning which many individuals don’t have a clue about. Each custom in Hinduism has two viewpoints: an external, unmistakable, custom perspective and an internal, shrouded, spiritual angle. The custom is performed with organs of the body remotely is less critical than the custom performed with intelligence and insight. The custom performed with a pure heart is much more notable than the custom performed with only the physical body. This is written in the Vedas itself. The ceremonies performed with commitment pure us and set us up for freedom, while internal customs may serve us to recall our obligations and commitments on the planet and gain great karma. They not only liberate but secure us a place which is temporarily in the ancestral heaven.

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