Satyanarayan Puja- A Hindu Puja for Lord Vishnu


Satyanarayan Puja is for worshiping Satyanarayan as the embodiment of the Eternal Truth. It is one of the most common Pujas and is offered to Lord Vishnu by the Hindus. The devotees are enthusiastic as they have performed it and incurred beneficial results for a long time. The performance of this Puja is done with complete devotion and faith. The devotees benefit by getting their difficulties and problems resolved.


Spiritual meaning

Spiritual Meaning behind Satyanarayan Puja

The word ‘Satyanarayan’ means truth and the supreme one who abides everybody and everything. Thus, praying to Lord Satyanarayana is suggestive that the order can overcome the problems and troubles caused in this life or previous birth as one has to worship the truth. This means being and speaking truthfully to oneself and to others as well. As we become more truthful, it becomes a form of worship to Narayan in ourselves and others.

Shri Satyanarayan Katha

This Katha is dated back to mythical time and has an extreme significance in life. The Shri Satyanarayan Katha begins with Narad Muni disturbed by the suffering of people on earth due to their evil and bad actions. These people were asking Lord Narayan for some simple and quick remedy to get rid of their bad Karma or sins. The Law of Karma has always dictated our actions all the time. If we do bad things to people, it generates negative energy and we suffer in one or the other way due to this thing. While doing good actions like helping others can produce enjoyments and good things in life. Usually, people are not aware of the suffering due to bad actions which happen during your life. It is believed that fasting and praying to Lord Satyanarayana lowers down the sin. This puja acts as a catalyst to overcome and end the long-suffering of the devotees. This provides you a path to divine peaceful life and showers the worshipper with his blessings.


Bnefits of Satyanarayan Puja

Benefits of Satyanarayan Puja

Performing Satyanarayan puja has many benefits in your overall life such as:

  • People who do this puja can achieve their goals, success and fulfill their aspirations
  • It can also improve the physical and mental health of individuals drastically
  • It can help devotees enjoy fulfilling material life and increase overall familial prosperity too
  • It can remove all sins from your current and past life
  • Bestows peace, harmony, and prosperity in one’s family
  • Protects one from the evil eye, enemies and negative energy
  • One can overcome any obstacle and hurdles that come across in life
  • Helps in the fulfillment of their dreams


Satyanarayan Puja

How to perform this puja?

The main purpose of inviting family and friends is to encourage unity and harmony. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that one should not focus only on our own happiness but also persuade others to be happy. Thus, by performing this puja can make others happy. is a well-versed site which can help you in performing this puja. We have a team of astrologers and Purohits which can help in performing this Puja with all vidhi vidhan.

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