Scorpio: Which Color Suits You the Most?

Remember those days when you had your lucky color and lucky shirt? You put them on special occasion like job interview, result or examination day. Colors reflect our personality. They have the ability to reflect good the positive and negative vibes.

Scorpio is the eight sign of zodiac and it is a water sign. The persons born under this zodiac are passionate and observant. They are fiercly independent. Their weaknesses are jealousy and obsession. Scorpios are very deep, intense people.

Scorpions should incorporate deep red, maroon and shades of purple in their daily lives. These shades give power and add mystery to them. These colours also abate their self destructiveness. Violet and Burgundy are also shades of purple. Burgundy is a sensitive colour, much like the scorpio personality. Violet and Burgundy colours are often used in various art forms to convey deep emotions. Burgundy colour balances the negative and positive emotions.

Violet is a colour of renewal. It transforms the mind and deepens spirituality. Violet also fosters a peaceful sleep and abates mental stress. As the famous Leonardo Da Vinci has said, meditation and the power it brings increases when surrounded by subtle shades of violet.

The colour Black is also associated with the scorpio. This colour also balances positive and negative forces. Another great quality of Black is that it makes the other colours look brighter.

In Western culture, black is related with mourning and death. But in Egyptian culture, this colour was related to night and magic.

See what Lord Ganesha has to tell about scorpion.

The color which is best suited for Scorpio zodiac sign is all shades of blue and crimson.
Being a Scorpio you have great charismatic power. You are good at speaking and have an insatiable desire for knowledge on every level.
Remain cool and determined even in dangerous situations and sudden crises. Have a practical approach.

Have faith on your capability and your lucky colors will turn fruitful for you.

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