Shahid Kapoor’s Marriage: Astrological Aspects of Marriage


Shahid Kapoor has after all married Delhi girl Mira Rajput. A lot has been said about Shahid and Mira ever since their wedding became national news. From Mira’s non-filmi correlation to the age distinction between the two, we have heard it all. The couple are both followers of the religious group Radha Soami Satsang Beas, which is how they were introduced. So what does the future hold for the Shahid actor and Ms Rajput? Askganesha predicts their marital future.


Ms. Mira Rajput’s personality is ultimately related to progressive change. She will be ambitious and uses many ways to prosper. She may be calculative as well as practical in her general approach. She will put her sincere efforts for the progress of the family status. On occasion, she can be bit dominating but she will have mutual understanding at most of the cases. She will be able to fulfil the need of her life partner. Her chart shows bit of ego but attraction for domestic life is more in evidence.


Mira Rajput will feel happy to carry out domestic pursuits nicely. She will be hard working and laborious. You may have all praise for her sincerity towards the domestic endeavors. She will also appreciate Shahis keenness in general affairs. A good deal of understanding is indicated which basically represents the inner urge to take part in the general endeavors of the domestic life. Shahid Kapoor will extend his whole-heartedly support towards the Mira Rajput and consecutively, she will also considerations for him.  In this relationship Mira Rajput will turn out to be more mature and sensible to provide the solid base as far as domestic sphere is concerned. Shahid Kapoor imagination as well as thinking may be nicely molded by the Mira Rajput ‘s action-orientation. Mira Rajput will definitely provide him the base of operation. Sometimes, both will lack to understand each other’s moods and feelings but this will blow over by opting proper attitude. Astrologically, it’s a very good match. Balance is the key word for both of them in this relationship.

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