Shani Jayanti


Shani Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of the Hindu god Shani. Shani is associated with the planet Saturn and means the slow one, since Saturn takes about 30 years to revolve around the sun. He is also the god of Saturday and is said to be the elder brother of Yama, the god of death. Shani punishes the evil and those have adorned sins; hence it is very important to observe Shani Jayanti to get rid of all the bad omens by praying to Shani.

Shani works along with his brother Yama; he weighs the good deeds and the sins done by a human. Yama then decides how the deeds of the person should be awarded.

Masik Kathigai

Masik Kathigai is a Tamil festival of lights that is even celebrated in other parts of India. The day on which this occurs depends on the constellations Kathigai and Pournami. Every house, temple, etc. is lighted with bright colors to celebrate this auspicious day.

Kathigai is a very old festival in southern India, especially in Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala. Its important is highlighted through many scriptures and books. People even make special fireworks at home to celebrate the day.

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