Shanti Mantra Meaning and Benefits

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Sanskrit word ‘Shanti’ means peace which indicates to quieten or to put an end to. A Shanti mantra in literal terms is meant to protect us by its chanting which brings about a certain pause to our difficulties and peace in our lives especially in the knowledge transaction.

Meaning of Shanti Mantra

The Sanskrit word ‘mantra’ means the sacred word(s) or sacred syllable(s). In literature, the mantras are described as vibrational formulas to be recited silently or sung outwardly. These mantras have a precise sound and a frequency that strike our sub-consciousness. The mantras invoke its own energy when repeated a certain number of times as prescribed. All the mantras have their own role to play as some are just a prayer while others can be powerful enough and invoke a demand or command. The mantras bring peace and tranquillity in the lives of the chanter.


significance of shanti mantra

The significance of these mantras

Shanti Mantras contain special powers from all kinds of difficulties. The problems in life are not always bad and can be taken in a positive manner as it can make us stronger, purer and dispassionate.

Some great saint while teaching Shanti Mantra use to say that “One should imagine a cloth in front of them and keep the difficulties one is facing in that cloth. Next move is to bundle them up and place it in front of almighty. Now pray to God to take care of it till you are finished with your meditating.”

How shanty mantras were originally derived from?

The Shanti Mantras were derived from the Upanishads of the Vedic lore. These mantras are used mainly at the beginning of different ceremonies and holy rituals. One of the major benefits of chanting Shanti Mantra is derived by the chanters and the people listening to it. Theses chants bestow peace, prosperity, cool the mind and creates a sense of balance from within. Also, chanting Shanti Mantra at the beginning of an important task can remove the obstacles and paves the way for success.


Impact of Shanti Mantra

The impact on Mantras in Human Mind

Since 1000’s of years, Yogis have time and again stressed the importance of chanting mantra. Science has now advanced and the neuroscience is able to discover the bond between the words used in the Mantra and how they impact the mind. According to the neuroscience, chanting of Mantra lights up the frontal lobes of our brain and the nerves become active. This charges the learning, perception, emotions, and thoughts in human beings.

How do mantras work?

Mantras work in their best form when the faith is stronger as it is attached to the emotions and will power. The dynamo effect of Mantra states that if a chant is repeated continuously, it can charge up the Divine power. This occurrence is very subtle and fast for the chanter.  The chanter doesn’t even realize the vibrations or sound waves moving in the air with their own high level of frequency.


benefits of shanti mantra

Benefits of chanting Mantra

  • Brings ultimate success in life
  • One can gain clarity of thoughts and clear all kinds of confusions
  • Gain blessings of the gods on our deeds
  • Promote the understanding within the team and enhance the productivity
  • Promotes an auspicious ambiance in the surroundings

There are many other Mantra’s which helps in keeping at bay all the difficulties for the knowledge to flow without any disruptions. Chanting Gayatri Mantra can help in fulfilling the desires related to education and career.

Askganesha astrologers can help you in finding the right mantra for your life. They can suggest you certain Puja and Homam such as Navgraha Puja for overall peace in your lives.


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