Shatilla Ekadashi


Shatilla Ekadashi which is also known as Tilda Ekadashi, is Observed in the month of January when the moon’s waning phase is going on during the month of Magh. This Ekadashi comes on the 11th day of Magh month. The name of Shattilla Ekadashi is derived from the word til which means sesame. On the day of shatilla Ekadashi, tils are donated to Brahmins, poors and everyone who needs it. People also take bath in the water which has til mixed as they consider it to be holy and auspicious.

It is said that once there was a lady who used to keep fast on all the ekadashi and used to give clothes, money, jewellery etc. to the needy and poor people except the food and grains. One day lord Krishna appeared in front of her in form of a mendicant and asked for food but instead of giving food she gave a clay ball, in medicant’s pot, he then blessed her and left.

When the woman went to her house to have food, she was surprised to see that all the food items grains, even fruits have become clay. The woman was hungry and grew weak day by day as she didn’t have anything to eat, she was getting weaker day by day in spite of having all the wealth she could not get food for herself. She began to pray Lord Krishna and soon Lord Krishna appeared in her dreams and told her that Anna daan is the biggest Daan. And told her to do the Shatilla Ekadashi Vrat and she would get over from all her miseries. On the day of shatilla Ekadashi she donated til to every poor and needy then all the food which was turned into clay turned in its original form. Since then the Shatilla Ekadashi vrat is practised.  Even on this Ekadashi, Rice and grains are avoided like other Ekadashi Vrat but some take til on this day also.

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