Sheetala Ashtami for Cure of Infections


Sheetala Ashtami starts after the spring season during the month of March. This year, Sheetala Ashtami shall fall on 14th March 2015, Saturday. This day is dedicated to Goddess Shitala.

On this day, people prepare bhog or food for the Goddess Sheetala and also pray for the nourishment of their family and loved ones. Sweet dishes made of curd are a special attraction of this day.

Puja Vidhi

The devotees perform Ganesh Puja, Sheetala Homam or Sheetala Puja for the same.

It is believed that performng Sheetala Homam or Sheetala Puja keeps one safe, healthy and curable to any infection.

While some people observe fast on the day of Krishna Paksha to cure diseases like measles, chicken px and a lot more.

The Homam is as follows

Namami Sheetaladevi Rasbhastha


Marjani Kalshopeta Shurpalankrut Mastaka ||

Chanting this Sheetala Devi Mantra while performing Homam/ puja is very effective for getting recover from disease like pox etc.,

Worshipping Sheetala Mata helps one cure deadly disease like chicken px, measles and many other infections.

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