Shiva as the Universal Benefactor

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Shiva is often known to people as a universal benefactor. One of the reasons behind this is that according to Hindu mythology, Shiva comes into this world when it is enveloped in darkness. This is a metaphorical darkness of ignorance, wherein people believe that they are bodies and have forgotten that their bodies are vessels for their true selves—their souls. This consciousness of the body gives rise to various sins like anger, greed and lust, which are major causes of human suffering.

Shiva comes into this world of darkness in an incorporeal form of light. He enlightens minds of the humans by providing spiritual knowledge in them. He also instils virtues within human beings, and he does all this through the medium of Brahma. The myth dictates that Shiva, as a column of divine light, appeared in Brahma’s forehead and with the help of Brahma, he recreated Satyug.

Shiva is supposed to remind humans that their bodies are temporary and that their true selves reside in their souls. He also reminds them of their original qualities of Truth, purity, peace and love. Shiva, therefore, creates a new consciousness within human beings which leads to the creation of a world that is virtuous. The old and degenerate model of looking at the self gets destroyed, and Shiva, whose name literally means ‘benefactor’, creates a new and virtuous world order.


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