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What are They?

Technically “Mole” is a slight discoloration or blemish or a small congenital spot, on human skin, usually dark in colour, slightly raised and often hairy. A mole may be found anywhere on the body. It may be of any colour. The moles are of different sizes as well.

The  significance of moles depends on the size, shape, colour and the location on the body.  The ancient sages and saints of India studied the significance of the lines in the palm of human and wrote treatises on palmistry, features of humans and wrote physiognomy etc, and on moles as the science of moles. The science of moles has come down to us from centuries. The mention of the significance of moles can be seen in our Puranas, Mahabharatha etc.

The most interesting feature of the study of moles is, it can be related to Palmistry. Another interesting feature is that the moles in many instances are hereditary. It is quite natural that the children inherit certain characteristics, tastes, aptitudes, tendencies, temperament etc. from their parents, grand parents or uncles. Hence it is not uncommon that some of the moles which characterize those features are found on the body of persons for generations.

The moles appear from birth onward and they can not be erased, nor do new moles appear. No doubt due to diseases or other wise new pigmented sport may appear now and and then, but they disappear soon after the cure of the disease. Hence such spots need not be considered; except for diagnostic purposes.

The significance of moles differs from males and females. The same mole if found in male on the right side gives one result and in the female another result . Generally  the moles are considered to give auspicious results in males if they are found on the right side and auspicious to females if found on the left side.


Moles are of Different types characterized by the colour, shape and sizes. The significance and influence of moles depend on their colour, shape and size.

Colour : There are six types of moles based on their colour.

They are:Honey coloured, Emerald green and Light brown (Sandle wood colour).

  • Black moles are very common.
  • Honey Colour moles are very auspicious.
  • Emerold green moles are auspicious.
  • Green moles are moderately auspicious.
  • Red moles are auspicious.
  • Light brown or Sandle wood colour moles are auspicious;
  • But of negligible extent.
  • Black moles are inauspicious.

Size and shape : there are 10 types of moles bases on the shape. They are :

  1. Long and narrow.
  2. Long and broad.
  3. Round and big.
  4. Big and irregular.
  5. Small spots.
  6. Raised on the skin
  • Thin long hairs.
  • Thick short hairs.

The significance and influence of moles of different sizes and shapes varies in their intensity or strength as follows. It has to be studied with reference to their colour also.

  1. Long and narrow mole is auspicious.
  2. Long and broad mole is very auspicious.
  3. Round and big mole enhances the influence of the mole either good or bad.
  4. Oblique mole give moderate result of the significance of the mole.
  5. Big and irregular mole is inauspicious and reduces the good influence or increases the evil influence of the mole.
  6. Square mole averts evil at the last minute i.e. accident will be averted.
  7. Small spots give negligible results.
  8. Triangular moles give mixed results.
  9. Hairy :
  • With thin long hairs gives signify fortune and fore-tell wealth and fame.
  • Hairy with thick short hairs give misfortune, poverty and unhappiness.
  • Raised mole on the skin increases the significance and influence of the mole.

The significance and influence of the mole depends on the part of the body on which it is found , which is given in detail in the succeeding chapters. The significance of the mole thus read should be considered with reference to the colour, size and shapes to come to a final conclusion as to the result it gives or rather what it fore tells…

For example a mole on a particular part signifies fame and publicity and the colour of the mole is black which is inauspicious; but is square. The net result should be read as “that the person will be saved from a notarity at the nick of the moment and he will get popularity in general”.

If the mole by virtue of its location gives fortune: but the colour and shape are inauspicious, then it should be read as giving fortune less than what he should have got. Similarly the moles should be judged based on their location. Size. Shape and colour.

The moles are not the cause of fate, but the effects of fate. Hence erasing a mole surgically or otherwise or making to appear a mole by some means does not in any way effect.
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