Simha Sankranti: Get Blessings of Lord Vishnu & Sun God


Simha Sankranti is an auspicious day for worship of Lord Vishnu. Devotees offer their prayers to the Sun God, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Narasimha Swami on the holy occasion of Simha Sankranti. Vishnumurthy Temple located at Kulai close to the city of Mangalore is particularly decked up for the celebrations.

Sankranti falls on the transition of the sun from one sun sign to other and Simha Sankranti is one among the twelve Sankranti’s that take place each year. During this Sankranti the sun transit from karka rashi (Cancer) to Simha Rashi (Leo). In southern India, it is called Simha sankraman and this day is celebrated more essentially in southern India than northern India. This day begins according to Malayalam calendar, Avni month according to Tamil month and in Bhadra month according to the Bengali calendar.


celebration of simha sankranti

Where this festival is celebrated?

All the people in India observe Simha Sankranti with great zeal and energy, particularly in Southern India. Sankraman punya snan is a vital custom of this day that is done in sacred water or rivers. In spite of the fact that Simha Sankranti is celebrated basically all through the Southern States of India, it is exceptionally celebrated in the Kumaun belt of Uttarakhand. It is a common belief that during the rule of the Chand dynasty, craftsman’s showcased their items in the royal residence on Simha Sankranti. The ordinary citizens offered flowers and fruits to the royal family and this custom was known as the privilege for them.


significance of sankranti

Significance of Simha Sankranti

Sankranti implies the movement of the Sun from one Rashi to others. Simha Sankranti is one of a kind as one can expel out the darkness from life and start time of prosperity. Devotees offer prasad to the Sun God, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Narasimha Swami. Blessings are sought by the devotees for an honorable life. Devotees perform religious shower on this promising day at sacred spots. It is believed that during the Chand rule, the craftsman’s would showcase their products of art. They used to enjoy for their endeavors on this day along with enjoying Olag. Ritual of Olag is where fruits and vegetables are offered to the royal members of the Dynasty. The immense use of ghee on the event of Simha Sankranti gave rise to the name of Ghrita Sankranti. It is a common belief that watching Simha Sankranti removes and destroy dark energy from the lives and make way for harmony and thriving. Disciples and devotees who offer their devotion to Lord Vishnu, Surya God, and Lord Narasimha are blessed with a prosperous and peaceful life.


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Festivities and Rituals

People pray to Lord Vishnu, Sun God, and Lord Narasimha Swami on the holy event of Simha Sankranti. Abhishekam with coconut is executed on this day as it is viewed as the part of taking holy bath. Fresh coconut water is utilized for Abhishekam. Lord Ganesha is revered before the start of the puja service. It is known as the Appada puja. The Hoovina puja is offered to Lord Vishnumurthy. It almost carries on for a month until the sun travels to Kanya Rashi. There are fruits and flowers along with many sweets which are offered to the deity and mantras are recited to look for the blessings from the Lord.

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