Sita Navami


Sita Navami is a very important day in India because it is the day on which Sita, the daughter of Janaka was born. Sita is considered to be a ray of hope and purity. She is prayed to by many women all over India due to her devotion to her husband Lord Ram. Maa Sita was born on Navami tithi (9th day) of the Hindu calendar month of Vaishakha. She was said to be a very pure woman who was always there to serve her husband, Lord Rama.

Astrological Significance of Sita Navami

Goddess Sita was believed to be born under Pushya Nakshatra. Amusingly, Lord Rama too was also born on the same holy period in the Hindu month of Chaitra. It is believed that Goddess Sita was born in Pushya Nakshatra on Tuesday, while Lord Rama was born on Navami Tithi. Maa Sita Lord Rama got married during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Therefore, Sita Navami comes just after one month of Rama Navami according to Panchang or Hindu calendar.

Benefits of Sita Navami

If you observe fast on Sita Navami with devotion, it is believed that you will bring wealth, health and happiness. As a married woman, one will attract qualities like modesty, sacrifice, dedication, and motherhood.


The reason why Sita is considered the epitome of pureness is due to her role in the Indian epic Ramayana. She was married to a young prince known as Lord Ram, who was banished from his own kingdom to live in the forest, although she was not required to, she still accompanied her husband in his ordeal. She was kidnapped by the demon Ravana and was later rescued by her husband.


Lord Rama and Sita were considered to be the optimal couple which is why all the married women across India, pray to Sita on this day to solve any quarrels they have with their husband and also wish for a long life for their husband.

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