Skanda Sashti


Skanda Sashti is a festival celebrated mostly in southern India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the day on which Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati killed the demons Soorapadman.

History of Skanda Sashti

Skanda Sashti is the day on which Kartikeya destroyed the demon Soorapadman, who was spreading evil on earth. The gods could not tolerate all the evil that was spreading due tortures done by Soorapadman. They approached Kartikeya, who then fought Soorapadman for at least six days. He killed the demons by throwing his weapon at him and splitting him in two.

The first part transformed into a peacock, which then became the vessel of Kartikeya and the second half became a rooster, which he took as his banner. The gods were very happy with this dead done by Kartikeya because Soorapadman had tortured the gods for a very long time. The gods then prayed to Kartikeya for six days.

It is said that whoever prays to Kartikeya for six days and also fasts, will receive the blessings of Kartikeya so that they may prosper and have good fortune. Those who cannot fast for the whole day can have only one meal in a day.

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