Sri Lakshmi Panchami: Praying to Maa Lakshmi


Chaitra Shukla Panchami falls on Kalpadi Tithi and is recognized as Lakshmi Panchami. The Vedic division of time makes this day related to the beginning of Kalpa. According to Hindu scriptures, there are in total 7 Kalpadi days and Sri Lakshmi Panchami is one of them. This day is primarily devoted to Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. This day is also known as Shri Vrata as it is another name of Goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindu New Year, this day falls on the first week of the Hindu calendar. Devotees can worship Goddess Lakshmi on this day can observe a fast for a whole day. Traders and businessman perform this puja to Maa Lakshmi.

significance of Sri Lakshmi Panchami

The significance of Sri Lakshmi Panchami

Lakshmi Panchami is celebrated on the 5th day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. The Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped and people keep fast on this to get her blessings. According to this day, the god has an attractive appearance. The prayers offered to Maa Lakshmi can help in removing poverty. By chanting mantras of goddess Lakshmi during difficult times and other problems related to business, profession and wealth.

The devotees read various stortas on this day such as Lakshmi Stotram and Kanakdhara Stotra. Maa Lakshmi is one of the most powerful deities blessings her devotees with prosperity in all spheres of life and it is believed that since ancient times, chanting Mantra, holy prayers and strotas on this Panchami can’t go in vain.

Benefits of Sri lakshmi panchami

Benefits of Sri Lakshmi Panchami

  • You can get knowledge and education
  • You can achieve fame, prestige and honour in society
  • You get strength and power to face any obstacle in life
  • You get success and achievement in every endeavour you take in life
  • You get blessed with good children
  • An abundance of food in your house for your family
  • You get a sense of bravery, courage, and valour
  • You get happiness, joy, satisfaction and well-being
  • You get blessed with beauty and virtue
  • Your higher goals and aims get fulfilled
  • You get a sense of intelligence and alertness in life
  • You live a long and healthy life with fitness
  • You get wealth like gold and gems

praying on Sri Lakshmi Panchami

The devotees wake up early and take bath on this day. They chant the mantras and strotas pertaining to Goddess Lakshmi during the fast. A devotee observing the fast can receive positive results and a lot of wealth. Devotees cannot eat any food can be consumed during the fast and can consume only fruits, sweets and milk. Performing this puja with proper rituals can fulfill all your desires. However, one can take help from purohit and astrologers of Askganesha.

We wish you and your family a very happy Sri Lakshmi Panchami.


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