Sun transit in Libra: Effects and Causes

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Unlike solar system, sun is a planet in astrology. However the changes or transit in the position of the sun will change and affect the lives. Sun is considered to be most powerful among all the planets. Hence its change will affect all the zodiac signs. Sun is responsible for providing force in your life.

Have a look at following table to know when the transit of Sun will take place

Date Sun Transit to:
14 January 2014 Capricorn
13 February 2014 Aquarius
14 March 2014 Pisces
14 April 2014 Aries
14 May 2014 Taurus
15 June 2014 Gemini
16 July 2014 Cancer
17 August 2014 Leo
17 September 2014 Virgo
17 October 2014 Libra
16 November 2014 Scorpio
16 December 2014 Sagittarius

Sun is said to be the supreme power of our solar system. It is responsible for the existence of all the life in this universe. It denotes supremacy, fatherhood and power according to Hindu mythology.

The transit of Sun will lead to good result in business. While one might face negative effects like sourness in relations with siblings.

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