Sun Transit in Sagittarius


Planet Sun (Surya) Transit in Sagittarius – December 16th, 2015 to January 15, 2016

Planet Sun (Surya) is considered as the hottest, biggest and source of energy for all living beings. We all aware about that in the solar system the earth revolves around the sun. Now planet Sun (Surya) will transit in Sagittarius from December 16th, 2015 and will star in the same sign till January 15th, 2016. During these transit has different aspect on you and will bring some changes for zodiac sign.

How the transit will affect the following 12 Zodiac sign

Aries: – There is major possibility that you may have to go abroad in connection with your jobs or career. You know that success is achieved when you do work-hard. A spirit of trust is likely to cement romantic bond. Continue exercising to put chronic ailments a bay.

Taurus: – Your hard-work and determined approach would help you out to pull off some big coups. You need to put your own feelings on hold for the time being and attend to the needs of your partner. You need to be conscious of small things as you may be prone to suffer from a few minor infections.

Gemini: – Your finance will stabilize and efforts made in the financial sector will bring you gains. You would meet some challenges on the domestic front but you will tackle them with adroitness. There is a strong possibility of a change of place.

Cancer: – The family environment will be dynamic and some auspicious event also is celebrated with great enthusiasm. You are advised to avoid risky ventures. Anxiety can be the cause of some health related problems.

Leo: – Purchase or sale of property will bring you gain. You may also get opportunities in fast track your career. This is an opportune phase when you can effectively use your communication skills to enhance your networking and establish some significant contacts.

Virgo: – Those are looking for a job need to step up their efforts. Financially the periods would be stable and you will also be able to meet monetary obligation and requirements. On the one hand you will face challenges but the skillful handling of these very challenges will pave the way to success.

Libra: – Your efforts in the financial area will yield good results. Your family life will also improve and good news will lead to a celebration in the family. This will also help you make some significant connection.

Scorpio: – Financially things look up and efforts will help you reap gains. There will be good opportunity at your current workplace, make the most of this window of opportunity. Family life will bring in joy and happiness and will also provide solace.

Sagittarius: – Earning good amount is indicated for Businessman. You could even get a much desired prestigious assignment or job. Those connected with creative fields will able showcase their talent and achieve their goals. Discussing with people close to you will help to clear your thoughts and move in the right direction.

Capricorn: – Student will get good results in their exams. Domestic and international travel will also benefit you. Consistency and performance on the professional front is likely to take you place on the professional front. An impending social event may find you busy as ever and enjoying every bit of it.

Aquarius: – Those looking for a job or for a change in job will be successful in finding one that they desire. Your circle of influence and your career will progress well but the workload will increase at times. Hard-work will reflect in the good results of exam and competitions and will bring joy. 

Pisces: – Your effort on the professional front is likely to get recognized and be richly rewarded. Your single minded devotion and resolve to do well is certain to raise your performance level on the academic front. Your creativity will be peaking and you will get numerous opportunities to showcase your talents.

Lord Sun (Surya) represents the name, power, leadership, fame, bravery and authority. When a planets give inauspicious result during transit so it is very necessary to perform remedies of that planet to pacify the ill-effects. Doing these remedies help you achieve beneficial results.

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Energized Lord Surya Yantra

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