Surdas Jayanti Festival- Kavi Surdas


Surdas Jayanti festival is recognition of Surdas to the world and celebrated as his birth anniversary to recall his unbelievable commitment towards Hindu religious music and verse. Surdas, the fifteenth-century blind holy person, writer, and performer, is known for his reverential melodies devoted to the childhood of Lord Krishna. In his masterpiece the ‘Sur Sagar’ (Ocean of Melody), the holy person writer has sung about a devout who, he solidly and ardently accepts the manifestation of Divinity. He was likewise a popular logician, artist, and performer of India, who was visually impaired. His name Surdas truly implies, one who is a captive of music. He is recalled till successors for his reverential music devoted to Lord Krishna.

Story of Surdas

Story of Surdas’s life

As he was brought into the world visually impaired, he was significantly ignored by his family, and for this, he left home at the young age of 6 and began lauding and singing for Lord Krishna. He began living close to the stream Yamuna.

It is truly believed that Lord Krishna showed up in his fantasies and requested that he proceed to meet Vallabhacharya who might guide him. In this manner, Surdas proceeded to meet Vallabhacharya, who was the teacher to Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. Vallabhacharya encouraged him and educated Surdas everything about Lord Krishna, from his child-like pranks in adolescence till his complete life.

Surdas sang and composed his own melodies in the sweet Brajboli or the language which was spoken in and around Vrindavan. He created bhajans, which comprised of good exercises or philosophical rules.

Contribution of Surdas

Contribution of Surdas

The style class and the lilting structures about Lord Krishna by Surdas significantly improved the Bhakti development which was predominant in the Northern piece of India. The Bhakti development was only a grass root strengthening of each regular man who needed to conjure and adore God in their very own simple ways.

Surdas’ lovely use of the Braj boli or Braj language additionally acquired the language unmistakable quality as till then the most significant dialects utilized were Persian or Sanskrit.

He is likewise considered the pre-eminent use of the Ashta Chhap, or the principle eight engravings or devotees of Guru Govindacharya. He is additionally a prominent propagator of the Shuddhvaita, which is the other name for Pushti Marg.

surdas jayanti

Surdas Jayanti festival

The festival of Surdas Jayanti festival is confined toward the Northern part of India for the most part. Aside from usually fasting on this day and after praying to Lord Krishna in temple or home, this day is commended with much love by the melodic network for his immense commitment in the field of reverential music. In the Vrindavan region, where Surdas had lived for most of his lifetime, and about which he composed melodies as well, organized projects are sorted out. Numerous uncommon melodic occasions and verse readings are likewise celebrated on this day, devoted in his name.

We wish you and your family a very Happy Surdas Jayanti Festival.


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