Taurus Wife: Spice up Your Honeymoon!!!

The thought of Honeymoon evokes a strange kind of excitement in all of us. The Taurus woman is no exception! While you might only wonder about your honeymoon, the Taurus woman is almost obsessed with it. When going on a honeymoon with Taurus woman, keep in mind that they love to be desired by their partner. They want to be showered with attention and taken care of.  Decorate the bed with rose petals and order luscious food all day. These women love food, and not just food, good food. If you wish to win their heart, start with the food and proceed to things that please their senses.

These women are aesthetically more inclined than females of other signs and love to be in a place that is a treat for their senses.Taurus women are genuine beings. They like to look after their home and husband. But they also like to be cared for. So do not let her out of your sight on the honeymoon.  Your effort will definitely appeal to her. Make sure that your honeymoon is real fun. Shopping, dance, parties, food and the Taurus woman will be more than satisfied.

For a Taurus woman, an ideal honeymoon is where her partner will woo her all day and all night. She would also like to be showered with nice gifts. The Taurus woman on a honeymoon likes to be treated like a Queen, and an ideal partner would cater to her needs at all hours. Honeymoon, to this female, is a way of knowing her partner well.  She will also try to find out who she is. She will take out time for her beauty treatments and shopping. Pampering herself, in addition to getting pampered, makes her feel good. She definitely loves her husband, but she also needs time to calm herself down after the stress of a wedding.  However, when it comes to her mental stability, she can handle a great level of stress. She can deal with a lot of things at once. She wants to be in charge of everything and wants the house to be her way.

These women are materialistic in nature and would want their suites to be decorated nicely with beautiful lighting.The important thing to know about the Taurus lady is that she wants you to show her how much you really love her. She will show you her true self once you show your true self to her. She might come across as a rude and harsh lady initially, but she will bloom like a flower in love. She is very straight forward with her emotions and she will clearly tell you what she wants from you.  After all, Taurus is the sign of bull. And so she is stubborn and obstinate. The Taurus woman will be unlike any other woman on honeymoon. She will show her loving nature to her husband.

A Taurus woman’s perfect honeymoon will consist of parties, shopping, some amount of quiet and peace and lots of love. So if you’re getting hitched to a Taurus woman yourself, don’t forget to make it extra special and absolutely memorable for her!

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