The Healing Power of Heartfelt Prayer

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Prayer is something that we all do in some form of the other, even if we do not really acknowledge it as such. We pray for different reasons in different circumstances, but little do we really understand how much they help us.

While praying, certain people feel compelled to follow certain rituals. While one should follow the rituals if one feels the need to, it is also important to know that it is not always necessary to follow those rituals. Prayers can be said at any point of the day without a lot of fanfare. After all, God is everywhere and He is listening.

What is important for prayers, however, is the purity of thought and intensity of feeling while praying. Half-hearted payers are rarely satisfactory, and they do not benefit anyone. It is also important to know that prayers are not limited to occur during sad times in one’s life only. One can pray in good times as well as bad ones. God isn’t available during certain parts in one’s life only. He is always present for everyone.

But the objective of praying, ultimately, is not material gratification which is expected due to prayers but peace of mind. People who pray are generally known to be less stressed and more optimistic.

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