Tritiya Shraddh: Rituals for Deceased Ancestors


Tritiya shradh is meant for performing shradh for the departed ancestors on the Tritiya tithi irrespective of whether they died during Shukla paksha or Krishna paksha. Teej Shradh is the other popular name of Tritiya shradh. Hinduism has made performing of shradh ceremonies a compulsory obligation. Failing to perform shradh as per the ancestors will result in pitru shraap or the curse of the ancestors resulting in diseases, bad luck, and challenges in the families. Any lack of performance of shradh ceremonies is compensated during the Pitru Paksha by performing special shradh ceremonies.

Importance of Tritiya Shraddh

Importance of Tritiya Shraddh

A lot of stories in Hindu mythology describe the importance of the Pitru Paksha period. The 3 generations of the deceased ancestors reside in the Pitru Lok (ancestral world). During the period of Pitru paksha, the ancestors come down to the earth to visit their descendants and families. Performing shradh and tarpan during this period will hugely please them and win the blessings for the welfare of the family.

It fetches the devotees with the basic property for your job, social, business and economical growth. The Tritiya Shraddh are parvan Shradhas and auspicious time to perform it is either kutup Muhurat, that’s why Muhurat after till aparahana kaal is selected. Tarpan is done at the end of the Shraddh.

Pooja Rituals for Tritiya Shraddh

Pooja Rituals for Tritiya Shraddh

Performing Shradh rites and accomplishing Pitru Paksha puja are important for the well-being of the family. The puja also helps people receive blessings from the ancestors. However, there are certain rules that one should keep in mind:

  • It is said that offering clothes and food make the souls of our ancestors happy
  • The Shradh rites are generally performed by the male member or eldest son in the family
  • While performing the rites, nothing ‘ashubh’ should come in between till the prayers are observed for the peace of the departed souls
  • Brahmins are offered food, fruits, new clothes, dakshina and sweets as it is believed that whatever is given to them reaches their ancestors
  • After making offerings to the Brahmins, people feed the poor, as the more ‘daan’ you give, the more it will reach your ancestors

 Tritiya Shraddh

As per Hinduism, the souls of ancestors reside in Pitra-lok, a realm between heaven and earth, which is governed by the god of death, Yama. It is said that when the person from the next generation expires, the first generation is shifted to heaven and unites with the almighty. Only the last 3 generations of a family can give shradh rites.

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