An Unbreakable Bond of Love and Faith – Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan:

Every Year thousands of Hindus celebrate a festival, that is not only auspicious but at the same time very necessary. As it is the festival of showing the undying bond between the siblings. A bond of protection and devotion and dedication – Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi – a festival that is celebrated by Hindus all over. A sister ties an auspicious thread around the wrist of her brother. Symbolizing the bond between them, and the brother then takes a wow to protect her sister from all the evils and vices of the world.

Raksha Bandhan

This festival does not have a religious interpretation attached to it rather it is more of a cultural event. Whatever it is, it becomes a symbol of a bond that can never end between the siblings. It is celebrated in the month of Shravan, during Purnima or full moon day. Raksha Bandhan is derived from 2 words – Raksha which means to Protect and Bandhan- which mean a knot or tie. Hence when put together- it is a knot or tie of protecting for ages.

Legends of Rakhi:

Rani Karnavati and Humayun:

Amongst various legends pertaining to Rakhi one story is about Rani Karnavati of Mewar sending a Rakhi to Humayun the king of India. This is the tale that one frequently finds a say. Karnavati was the regent of Mewar after the passing of her significant other Rana Sanga. She administered the kingdom as a caretaker until her eldest son could come of the age to rule. At the point when Bahadur Shah of Gujarat assaulted Mewar for the second time. He had vanquished Vikramjeet before – the ruler started connecting with her nobles for help. In the in the meantime, Karnavati additionally kept in touch with Humayun, for help. She sent him a Rakhi and looked for insurance. Noticeably, Humayun Father Babur had vanquished Rana Sanga when he drove a confederation of Rajput armed forces against him in 1527.

Raksha Bandhan

The Mughal regime was amidst another military battle when he got the call for help. Relinquishing it he directed his concentration toward Mewar. Unfortunately, he never made it on time. As the Rajput armed force was crushed in Chittoor – where the fight was occurring – Karnavati conferred Jauhar – a demonstration of self-immolation to shield herself from the outrage of falling in the hands of Bahadur Shah. Shah anyway couldn’t go any further and needed to get some distance from Chittor as Mughal military fortifications arrived before long.

Humayun at that point re-established the kingdom to Karnavati’s child and made Vikramjit the king to be. This is a tale that tells us about a bond of protection between a queen and a king. They did not have blood relation between them but Rakhi tied them in a holy bond, also it is a great tale that says the friendship between a Hindu and Muslim

Yam and Yamuna:

Raksha Bandhan

The festival is celebrated by the God of Death Yam and his sister the Yamuna, once Yam protected the Yamuna against evils, she tied Rakhi around his wrist, as a gesture to which, he granted her with the boon of Immortality. Ever since the Yamuna flows on earth, and declared the Rakhi a festival for brothers to protect their sister.

Roxana tying Rakhi to Porus:

Raksha Bandhan

Another legend has it that when Alexander the Great attacked India in 326 BC. His significant other, Roxana sent Porus, a revered string and requested that he not hurt her better half on the war front. Respecting the demand, when he goes up face to face against Alexander, he declines to slaughter him. As a result, in the long run, Porus would lose the war of the Hydaspes River. However, this leads Porus to pick up Alexander’s regarded and respect.

Birth of Santoshi Maa:

Raksha Bandhan

Presently despite the fact that this story has no premise in the Hindu sacred texts. The take of the introduction of Santoshi Maa has been connected to the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. On a promising day, Lord Ganesha’s sister Manasa visits him to tie him the Rakhi. On observing this current, Ganesha’s children – Shubha and Labha – start demanding to have a sister. Surrender to their requests, Ganesha makes goddess Santoshi from the perfect blazes that are said to have risen up out of his consorts – Riddhi and Siddhi.

Rakhi In modern times:

Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is a major festival in India and is celebrated with fun and frolic. The interpretation of the festival is changing with changing times. It is not only limited to the celebration of the bond between brother and sister. It has now turned into a bond that can be celebrated between two sisters or two brothers, anyone who can protect you. You can tie the knot of sacred thread around their wrist. It is said that girls who do not have brothers can tie Rakhi to Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesha.

The Bond can be made stronger for every sibling according to Zodiac signs:

Raksha Bandhan

Aries: Choose a Rakhi that is either, red-orange or Yellow in color and that suits your sporty spirits.
Taurus: Choose a Rakhi that is either blue or silver color.
Gemini: Choose a green color Rakhi for your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan day.
Cancer: By a Rakhi made of pearls and silk, preferably handmade.
Leo: Choose a Rakhi that is either pink or Red in color.
Virgo: Tie a Rakhi that is made of green silk threads, or white color.

Raksha Bandhan

Libra: Opt for a Rakhi that is purple or turquoise in color.
Scorpio: Red is the color of Scorpios so a red Rakhi with various shades of red would be best for you.
Sagittarian: A yellow colored Rakhi is best suited for you as it suits your personality.
Capricorn: Since the Capricorns are very ambitious they tend to enjoy pink and shades of pink Rakhi
Aquarius: An intense dark colored Rakhi for the intense personality of you or your sibling
Pisces: White or yellow colored Rakhi is best suited for you or your sibling’s personality.

Raksha Bandhan

This Raksha Bandhan strengthens your bond between you and your sibling, by performing pujas like Lord Krishna Puja. As those who do not have brother’s ties rakhi to Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesha.

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