Vaishaka Purnima- Seeking the Blessings of Lord Vishnu


Vaishaka Purnima Day is considered to be the ideal day to perform charity, homams, and fasts. Hindu Panchang mentions the significance of Magh, Vaishakh and Kartik months. Vaishakh month is one of the most auspicious months and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. One should worship Lord Vishnu in this month with full faith and dedication. It is gauged that Brahmaji created the Shreyas and Krishna to in this month. Thus, one should take a bath in the water containing these tils, offer honey dipped in tils as a charity. These rituals have also been mentioned in the Vishnu Dharam.

Significance of Vaishaka Purnima Day

Significance of Vaishaka Purnima Day

According to the Hindu Panchang, the second month of the Hindu calendar is Vaishakh Month. Hindu scriptures like Skanda Purana describe the glory and significance of Vaishakh month and it also celebrates the other major festival named Vaishakhi that is considered so auspicious. Rishi Narad praises the Vaishakh month by saying that Brahmaji has created this month superior to the other 11 months of the Hindu calendar. Vaishakh Month is considered to be the ideal month to perform charity, homams, and fasts. Hindu Panchang mentions the significance of Magh, Vaishakh and Kartik months.

One gets freedom from all his sins by worshipping and fasting on Vaishakh Purnima. According to the scriptures, it is said that the person who worships Lord Vishnu on this day gets good rewards and prosperity. According to the Bhavishya Purana, Lord Vishnu took the form of a turtle in one of his 24 incarnations. Thus, Lord Vishnu is worshipped in this form only on Vaishakha Purnima.

Vaishaka Purnima day

Relation of Buddha Purnima with Vaishaka Purnima Day

Vaishakh Purnima is celebrated in the form of Buddha Purnima around the world. Vaishakh Purnima day is also known as Trividh Pawan day as three incidents took place on this day. Buddha was born in Lumbini, gained enlightenment at Bodhgaya and attained Nirvana in Kushinagar. On this day, Buddhist people light diyas and decorate their homes with flowers. People from around the world visit Bodhgaya on this day and perform Buddhist rituals and worship Lord Buddha.

Celebration of Vaishaka Purnima Day

How is Vaishaka Purnima celebrated?

People offer flowers to the Buddhist idols at homes and in the temple. They worship him by lighting diyas before him. Bodhi tree is also worshipped on this day along with Lord Buddha. Gautam Buddha gained enlightenment at Bodhgaya under a pipal tree on Vaishakh Purnima and on the same day he attained Nirvana at Kushinagar. This is considered to be a rare and extraordinary event. That is why Buddha Purnima is celebrated on Vaishakh Purnima every year.

The Vaishaka Purnima Day is also worshipped by devas and abstracts religion, homams, austerity, and deed. The person who takes a bath before the sunrise gets freedom from all his sins. Vaishaka Purnima festival is the favorite of Lord Vishnu and is revered as the most superior and auspicious month of the year. The rewards that a person get from the charity, visiting pilgrimages can be attained by just donating water on the day of Vaisakhi Purnima.

Askganesha wishes you and all your loved ones a healthy and prosperous Vaishaka Purnima.

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