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Vastu is an age-old science of lifestyle which impacts our day to day living. This word is derived from the Sanskrit word named ‘Vas’ meaning residing. It is just not architecture as it’s not confined to the art, designing or construction but it’s a vast definition of the realm of occultism. It is the creation of the Bhawan Sthapatya Kala which can be applied to the aspects of the ‘Atharvaveda’. It is an ancient science and a very significant feature of our heritage. The Sanskrit word Vastu signifies the dwelling of Humans and Gods. This science gives a vibration to create a better environment but people are still not aware of the true power of the Vastu.


vastu for wealth

How to apply Vastu for wealth?

Indian mythology says that Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and one of the prime factors for people to get into Vastu. There is a big make-belief about Vastu which forces people to rebuild the whole house so they can build it again on the basis of this art. Such an act is a total waste of time and money and is not even necessary. This can be altered by making some modifications in the house. These alterations can pave the way for wealth and prosperity in life and help you in getting rich.


vastu and wealth

Vastu tips to getting rich

It is easier to keep Lord Kuber happy if one just follows these simple Vastu tips:

Greeting the wealth with wind-chimes

Wind-chimes are one of the very auspicious artifacts which are believed to bring wealth in the home. If you hang the wind-chimes at the entrance of the home it signifies that you are welcoming wealth inside the home. In case you hang it in the bathroom prevents in draining of the wealth. One should avoid wind-chimes over the head or near to bed as it can bring negativity to life.

The ‘Money’ plant

Money plant is not just good for the environment but a very handy plant which can be kept inside the house. It is known to bring prosperity, wealth and luck into the home. Vastu says that placing money plant in the green vase facing the north direction can help in attracting money and better career opportunities. A bamboo plant, paintings of a lush green field or thick forest can also bring wealth in abundance.


direction and vastu

Directions and Vastu

Directions play a very crucial role in defining the Vastu of the place and define its negative or positive energy. Directions are important in the building of a house or office space or any kind of structure. There are in total 4 directions namely North, South, East, and West. Placing of objects and building according to a Vastu helps in increase of wealth and bring peace in the house.


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What can block your finances?

Angel statues should be positioned in the meditation room only. Angels should not be kept beside or below God as it can block your finances. Also, angels should not be placed in the opposite wall to the temple where God is placed. So

Keeping God happy and balancing the planetary discord, the money will surely flow into the house. You can consult an expert astrologer for sure ways to attract money into your home or get your trapped money back. One should make sure to follow these tips honestly and religiously, to reap the ultimate benefits from the Vastu.

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