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Vastu Shastra is an astrological science behind the architecture which helps in the flow of positive energy. This science also used as Vastu Tips for students which can help them in succeeding in their life. The word Vastu means abode or place and Shastra means knowledge or Vidya, so together they mean the holistic science of building or designing a place. The principles governing the Vastu and important Vastu Direction were derived from the Vedas which are one of the ancient sacred books in Hinduism.


Importance of Vastu Tips

Importance of Vastu Tips in Students Life

It is important to follow proper Vastu tips for students as any wrong ways of Vastu can affect the education of the child. A student can grow in the right direction in their pursuit of gaining an education. Vastu can help in transforming the average students to hard working. This Vastu Shastra can help the students in achieving their full potential.

A study room for students should be peaceful, tranquil and serene as otherwise they can’t focus on the studies and derive the best of the reading. In this regard, Vastu tips can help in maintaining the guidelines for studying and creating the best environment for the same. A perfect layout of the study room can be ensured that the location and direction should be properly considered.


Quick Vastu Tips for students

Some Quick Vastu Tips for Students 

Given below are some Vastu tips for the students who are aspiring for high education goals:

  • The study room of the student should be located in the North, East or North East of the house.
  • One should sit in the direction facing east as it helps in increasing the concentration.
  • One should make sure that the books have no mirror in which it is reflected while studying. This has a doubling the pressure and can create the workload which may create pressure.
  • The pillars, sharply pointed out the furniture and open shelves can act as an obstruction in concentration while studying
  • The study table should be faced North or east while studying as these are the correct direction according to the Vastu
  • The study table should not be kept against any wall
  • There should be some open space in a study room for encouraging fresh ideas to approach
  • A painting or poster of mountains should be placed on the wall of the study table
  • A revolving chair is not appropriate so it should be substituted with a 4-legged wooden chair
  • The study room should have good lighting and have a brightness to it as a dingy and dimly lit room can have a depressing aspect to it. Proper natural light and sunlight should be in abundance in the room.
  • There are some mantras which can have a good positive effect on a student’s life such as Chanting or playing Saraswati Mantra or Gayatri Mantra every morning can energize the study space of student


Vastu Principles

Vastu Principles 

Lastly, constructing the study room with appropriate Vastu advice while construction and planning the interiors can prove to be very beneficial. The Vastu principles are backed by some strong scientific reasons as it can have a higher effect on the positive energy of the room. It is important to ensure the following steps can help in providing the maximum possible effect on a student’s life.

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