Venus Transit to Taurus

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The opulent planet of intimacy and love, approaches your way this April 6th. April brings Venus in Taurus…how romantic it is!! This is Venus’ home territory- all wrapped in chocolate and muddled with the pleasant sex-appeal triggered by love for romance. Venus, also known as ‘Shukra’, is a male God(Vedic astrology). Venus is analogous with Charm and Seduction. Venus dominates our emotions, sentiments and commands our bond with people around us. As Venus controls our devotion, we prove to be extremely loyal during this phase of transition. Possessiveness and romance is what personifies this transition. Our desire to possess what we love is at its peak this time. This transition is bound to bring joy and delight in our relationships. We tend to become work-shy, slothful, sensitive and clingy. Emotions take a fore seat during this transition. We are ready to unleash our feelings to someone we love and such feelings take forever to die.

On the gloomy side, there is a tendency to become over possessive about our beloved and to treat them as object that we own or want to own. There is an urgent need of security in this phase. Some people find such ‘grabbing on to my love’ attitude very sensual and attractive while others may become irritated due to this clinging attitude. What we require here most, is to exercise control over our sentiments and to keep our over protective attitude under the sheets. Financially this transition is a good news. But it doesn’t swear boundless and infinite opulence. Venus promise foremost emotional security and then assure the riches..

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