Vinayak Chaturthi: An important Hindu festival


Ganesh Chaturthi otherwise called Vinayak Chaturthi is one of the vital Hindu celebrations celebrated all through India with extraordinary joy. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ruler Ganesh is the image of intelligence, flourishment, and favorable luck.

The significance of Vinayak Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is praised on Shukla Chaturthi of the Hindu month of Bhadra (for the most part falls among August and September). This celebration is performed by Hindus with incredible energy. Individuals take idols of Lord Ganesh to their homes and do love. The span of this celebration shifts from 1 day to 11 days, contingent upon the spot and custom. On the most recent day of the celebration, the symbols are taken out in a brilliant and melodic parade and immerse it in customarily in water.

According to Hindu folklore, Lord Ganesh is considered as “Vigana Harta” (one who takes away all the troubles) and “Buddhi Pradaayaka” (one who awards insight). This celebration is vital for students and people seeking higher knowledge as they venerate Lord Ganesh to brighten their psyches.

story of Vinayak chaturthi

The legendary story of Lord Ganesha

As per the legends of Ganesha story, Goddess Parvati made Ganesha and guided him to protect her entryway while she completes her shower. At the point when Lord Shiva returned and discovered this young man who might not let him past the door, he was outraged as he was unaware that Ganesha was his son. He sought after Ganesha however he was reluctant to move. Little Ganesha even called for battle. Furious Lord Shiva disjoined the head of Ganesha after the battle between the two. After observing the dead body of little Ganesha, Goddess Parvati became furious and asked Lord Shiva to breath life into their child back once more or she will destroy the whole universe. Lord Shiva requested different devas to go to the north bearing and bring the head of whoever they discover first. They found an elephant and as taught by Lord Shiva, brought its head. Master Shiva fixed the elephant’s head on the kid and breathed life into him back.

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How it Vinayak Chaturthi celebrated?

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi is commended out of appreciation for Hindu God, Lord Ganesha, who is said to leave mount Kailasha to be with his supporters for these ten days. Enthusiasts tidy up their homes and bring the idols of Lord Ganesha and love him with blossoms and heavenly desserts. In conditions of Maharashtra and Karnataka, you would discover huge Ganesh pandals, with sly earth symbols of Lord Ganesha. Idol makers from all parts of the nation start making the icons of Lord Ganesha months ahead of time. Post the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities, these dirt icons are dispersed in the stream upon the arrival of Ganesh Visarjan.

Lord Ganesha is assigned as Vighnaharta, the person who deflects problems and other troubles. On Vinayaka Chaturthi, people go to Lord Ganesha to free them of every one of their impediments in their own lives.

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