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Astrological Gemstones can affect your life in many ways. Gemstones enhance the vitality of your natal planets. This implies they’ll sparkle their true light in your houses and signs that the gemstone’s planet leading over in your natal chart. Where you stand as per your karma and usually, when you initially start wearing your gemstone, it will decide the outcomes you experience during this time. The correct gemstone and astrology will enable you to travel through life and get redemption from old karma at a lot faster pace than you would have imagined. We at Askganesha.com generally, suggest wearing the stone of the most strong planet so as to provide the most advantageous outcomes is provided from your gemstone.



Why Astrological Gemstones are required?

Gemstones sparkle light in our inward issues that should be tended to before the stone’s advantages can truly begin to appear. This can be somewhat difficult to understand at first however it’s nothing more than an expansion of thinking and a longing for evolution which can’t be fixed. When the development gives changes which are appropriately tended to, it opens the door for notable self-improvement.

How can you know if the gemstone is pure or not?

Color Testing of the Astrological Gemstones The shade of the gemstone is the key factor, which can empower a person to recognize a genuine gemstone from a fake one. At the point when presented to light, a large portion of the genuine gemstones will show a full range of hues which intently turns into a rainbow.

Fake stones, on the other hand, don’t meet all the requirements for this test. Shading test can’t be viewed as a conclusive method for recognizing the originality of the gemstone as some thick, profoundly hued stones probably won’t display the marvels. So, help from an expert astrologer could be taken during this time.


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Benefits of Gemstone (Ratnas)

It decreases the effect of past bad karma.

It protects you against mishappenings and shocking occasions

It fixes the impact of benefic planets and negative energy

It improves the flow of the blood and maintains blood pressure.

It limits pressure and cools off the mind

It decreases depression and nervousness.

In the event that you are wearing a gemstone for a favorable planet, however, that planet is weak in your natal chart,  you need to adjust your karma which requires somewhat more work for the gemstone’s to work accordingly.


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Quality of Astrological Gemstones 

You should wear the Astrological Gemstones of good quality and appropriately certified which should be of your favorable planet in your birth chart. The outcomes that happen are essentially dependable and generally for your own advantage. On occasions, you might have to address undesirable inclinations that are forbidding your achievements. Accept it as an invitation for new positive karma to be made in your life. The gemstones will amplify the outcomes you experience from improvements with the help of gemstone.

You can take the help of an expert astrologer from Askganesha who will not only recommend you a gemstone but will also provide you with gemstone report for your existing gemstone.

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