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What’s your Rashi??

No this is not a film title but a real fact and question.

Zodiac in western Astrology, and Rashi in Hindu or Vedic Astrology means the same. Both these determine the personality and character of an individual. To say they both are similar in a way, but they differ as well. A zodiac sign means the sign that was occupied by the sun during the birth of a person. While Rashi means the transition of moon, and the sign that was occupied by moon during a person’s birth.

Zodiac Sign Definition:

In order to get an understanding of zodiac signs, we must first comprehend their functions. In layman’s language, the term zodiac can be defined as the circular path consisting of 12 segments, which are of 30 degree each. All these segments are the signs of zodiac. This globular path is also known as the ecliptic, is actually the path that the sun takes to revolve around the so-called imaginary latitudes and longitudes of earth, this is known as celestial sphere.

Then comes the first equinox- vernal equinox, marks the beginning of the first zodiac sign –Aries. With the movement of sun along the ecliptic, it passes through various zodiac signs, hence occupying each for a while before moving on to the next one. A person, who is born in the time period of the sun’s application of the particular sign, will have that specific zodiac sign. Hence, the behavioral pattern, characteristics and, personality trait of the people born, in this time period is determined by the movement of sun.  This sums up zodiac sign.

Raashi Sign Definition: 

According to the Vedic Astrology, the Raashi of a person is mainly the segment of the orbital path occupied by moon, during the birth of an individual. Moon is given preference because of its nearness to earth, and at the same time influences the Vedic astrology concept like dasha. It is said that naming of the infant child is done according to her/ his Raashi, as each Raashi defines various syllable for naming.

Points of Commonality:

Both Raashi and Zodiac have few points of similarities as well such as:

  • Raashi is mainly based on the movement of a celestial body at the time of a person’s birth, the same phenomenon is witnessed in zodiac sign as well.
  • Like the circular path or the ecliptical movement of sun in zodiac signs, so is the division of moon’s orbital movement of 12 segments each of 30 degrees, hence obtaining twelve raashi’s.
  • At the beginning the start of moon’s journey is also marked by the Aries or (Mesha) Raashi. As it is same for the zodiac sign beginning.
  • Like it is seen that the characteristic feature of a person is determined by her/his zodiac sign. Similarly it is in the case of Raashi.
The 12 raashi’s are: 
  • Mesha- Aries
  • Vrishabha- Taurus
  • Mithun- Gemini
  • Kark- Cancer
  • Simha –Leo
  • Kanya – Virgo
  • Tula- Libra
  • Vrishchika- Scorpio
  • Danush – Sagittarius
  • Makar- Capricorn
  • Kumbh – Aquarius
  • Meen- pieces



All the 12 Rashi’s and their corresponding Zodiac defines the movement of moon and sun respectively. Both are defining the characteristic of a person at the time of their birth. Zodiacs are far more famous because of newspaper and other such devices publishing them daily. But the moon sign and Raashi are mainly dependent on calculations.

So next time when someone asks what’s your Raashi, don’t just give them your zodiac. But it also tell them about your moon sign. AskGanesha provides, the facility of preparing your lunar horoscope, consult the astrologer for your lunar charts.


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