Why Badrinath temple is Famous?


The Badrinath Temple located in the abode of Uttrakhand is one of the ancient pilgrimages of Indian history. This temple is one of Chardhams and is devoted to Lord Vishnu with 108 Divyadeshas. Lord Vishnu is believed to be the God protecting Hindu triad.


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About the temple

This beautiful abode of Lord Vishnu is located in Garhwal Hills is built at a height of 3.133m above sea level in the Chamoli district at silent banks of Alaknanda River. Badrinath temple is the most visited pilgrimage destinations in India and is even get as many as ten lakhs pilgrims every year. This temple is only open from April to November due to extreme weather conditions.

The temple has a black stone idol of Lord Vishnu which commonly called Badrinarayan. Lord Vishnu is also called from many numerous names also known as Vishnu Sahasranam. The presiding deity has an image which is one of the eighth Swaya, kshetras where Lord Vishnu is self-manifested.


Legend of badrinath temple

The legend behind Badrinath temple

The age-old legend states that Lord Vishnu who came at this place to seek silence and peace for meditation in an unpolluted environment. He was engrossed in deep meditation that even biting cold didn’t bother him and he completely forgot about his body. His companion Goddess Lakshmi stayed with him all the time and was always looking after Lord Vishnu by shielding him from extremities of climate in a different form. Goddess Lakshmi took the form of Badri tree also known as Indian dates. After watching the deep devotion of Lakshmi, Vishnu Ji named the abode as Badrikashram.

Adi Shankara and temple

Another myth revolves around this dham is that it was established by Adi Shankara in the 9th century as a pilgrimage site. He resided there for 6 years from 814-820 between which he discovered the deity from the Alaknanda River and kept it in a cave near Tapt Kund. Later he constructed a temple for Lord Vishnu which is known as Badrinath. For the time of his stay for six years, for 6 months he stayed in Badrinath and for other six in Kedarnath.


badrinath temple

What makes Badrinath temple special?

This temple is the most exemplary symbol of mankind and the values of humanity. Badrinath Yatra highlights the importance of the welfare of humanity. People of different age group visit the temple to attain redemption from their sins and salvation in this life.

Chamoli district is famous due to this tall deity structure of Lord Vishnu along with Nar Narayan temple. It has 3 sacred sections namely Sabha-Mandap, Garbhagriha, and Darshan-Mandap. The shrine of Badrinath temple has other fascinations which captivate pilgrims which can throng across the holy destination. It includes Surya Kund, Tapt Kund, and Panch Badri.  The yearly yatra towards Badrinarayan is a symbol of engraved respect humanity and human values in the society. Visiting such a sacred place is worthwhile and is an advisable trip to be taken in this lifetime.

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