Why Krishna’s name is taken after Radhe?


The aesthetical beauty of Radhe-Krishna’s love story tranquilizes the soul of everyone who hears it but leaves some question in their minds with a mystical feeling. One of those famous questions is, “Why Radhe’s name is taken before Krishna’s?”

Obviously, the love tale of Radhe-Krishna is beyond ordinary understanding. However, there is a mythical story behind their naming, as Krishna gave this boon to Radhe that your name will be taken before mine.

One day Krishna and Radhe were talking to each other by way of feeling communication. Radhe asked Krishna, “How can I come to visit you, Kaanha?” as we both live in opposite directions, distant from each other. Krishna replied, “Its long distance for those who are disconnected”. We are always connected to each other by holding hands. And then again Radhe asked Krishna (with complaining feelings), “what about your innumerable Queens?” Krishna said, they are my wives but Radhe you are my Soul, my desire, my identity and my purpose of existence. Out of my 16008 Queens no one is attached to my name but Radhe your name is attached to me and the whole universe will remember us together as one entity. And, the power of their eternal love can be sensed even today and anywhere in this world just by chanting their names together.


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