Why Krishna’s name is taken after Radhe?

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Krishna, the tale of love, wise-ness and the mastermind behind the Mahabharata has a huge significance in the Hindu mythology. So why is his childhood lover or beloved friend, Radharani’s name is always taken before him? Well, there is an interesting tale behind this too. When lord Krishna was about to leave earth, he was hit by an arrow on his foot while having a conversation with his loved ones. When it came to Radha’s turn, she told Lord Krishna that she loved him and shall never be associated with Lord Krishna after he leaves, as they never got into a marital relationship. As we all know Lord Krishna is a great communicator and knows how to convince everyone, he told Radha that out of all his wives, no oen else’s name shall be taken except Radha’s. Besides this, he also declared that Radha’s name will be taken before his name in any ritual or Hindu mythology.

This could be one reason why Radha’s name is taken before Krishna. While on the other hand, the position of women in Vedas and Puranas explain the answer to this question. It starts from Mata Pita, Sita Rama, Uma Maheshwara, Lakshmi Narayana, Radha Madhava. Similarly, Radha Krishna too follows the vedic rituals. Women clearly form the foundation of our society. Women are accorded the greatest respect in Vedas, and recognized as the creator of this world.

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