Why lovers want to become like Radha-Krishna?

Radha-Krishna is a name which can’t be taken without the other. These two names are constantly spoken in a solitary breath as though they are one. Without Radha, Krishna is not fully complete and without Krishna, Radha can never be fulfilled. They share a sort of endless love for each other. They led their story to permanence as in time and gave another definition to the significance of true love. Many devotees even chant Krishna Mantra and perform puja for getting the blessings of God.

significance of radha krishna

Modern day couples can truly learn a general direction from the epic romantic tale of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. Indeed, even after such a large number of centuries, this heavenly couple is as still revered together! They are a portrayal of the most flawless type of adoration, a feeling that ties the entire universe together. In this way, here we convey to you some priceless love and life exercises that our young couples can gain from the lives of endless lovers, ‘Radha-Krishna’.

story of radha krishna

Story of Radha Krishna

Krishna, a child of royalty Devaki and lord Vasudeva, was brought up and sustained with other foster parents Yashoda and Nanda amid his adolescence in Gokul-Vrindavan close to the present day Mathura on account of the risk to his life from his maternal uncle and oppressor Kansa. Amid the youth, Krishna and Radha (a milkmaid) created mutual love and friendship. As an adult young person, he needed to come back to Mathura to oust and execute Kansa to protect His very own folks and everyday citizens harassed by kansa. He needed to proceed onward with more prominent missions in life to build up a different sheltered and secure kingdom at Dwarka for his tribe and in this way play the focal character in the epic Mahabharata war. As indicated by the then overall practices in the public eye, he wedded more than one ladies, however, would never deny or overlook his first love, to such an extent that after centuries his adherents and devotees recognize him more with Radha than his legitimately married consorts.

qualities of Radha-krishna

Qualities that modern-Lovers must Learn 

Modern day lovers should embrace the qualities of Radha-Krishan in their relationship.

  • They should show devotion to their partner
  • One should keep patience in their relationship
  • One should derive strength from their love
  • Connecting on the soul level with their partner
  • Learning to sacrifice in love

Radha-Krishna speaks to the special association of the Goddess-gopi Radha and her dearest Krishna, two profoundly respected gods in the Hindu Vaishnava Yogini Ekadashi tradition. Radhakrishna isn’t any sentimental relationship or just the blend of the female and male relation but symbolizes the spirit and face of Divine Love. Such kind of love is eternal and hence the modern day couples tend to become like them.

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