Why to Have a Child Like Approach to Life.

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In the haste of becoming great and achieving what they want from their experience, people have missed out on the child inside them. Life is a great mystery; it is vast and limitless. It cannot be restricted to shallow thinking. We have not learnt to observe the depth of life and hence we are not getting over the shallow thinking. One should have a child­like approach and not a childish perspective. To be childish is to be ignorant and immature like a child and to be child­like is to be innocent and carefree like a child.

A child perceives innocently. To be innocent is to be open minded. For example when we look at a flower, we don’t actually see the flower we make our judgement whether we like it or not. The emphasis is not actually on the flower. Thus, our perception is not free and bounded to our judgements. What we know and learn is driven by the background of our knowledge and our past. A child­like perception is freeing oneself from that background and be free inwardly sentimental. To be sensitive is experiencing and reacting to ‘what is’ and sentimental is reacting to ‘what is’ from one’s past experiences. Most of us are sentimental and react on the basis of preconceived notions. We all should enter into the state of child­like perception and experience the delight of the now. Then one can transform the ruins of one’s heart with the child­like approach of life. So the cup of sentimentality should be drained and filled with sensitivity. Thus walk on the path of being sensitive to present and not the past. You will build better relations with people and nourish the relations by your warmth of being sensitive.

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