How Will be Your Aquarius Spouse?


Stars, Kundli Milan and love compatibility are important factors that one keeps in mind before choosing their spouse. But the keen interest about knowing how will be your “Perfect” half is always a grab-the-deal offer. If you know that he/she is an Aquarian then this article is perfect for you. Read along as we uncover the traits of your Aquarius perfect half.

Love, to the Aquarius, is a detached and unselfish emotion. Friendship is a key component of love for Aquarians. The positive qualities of Aquarian are vision, individuality, friendliness, tolerance, originality and genius. In their negative form these qualities become eccentricity, absent- mindedness, detachment and refusal to cooperate.

A Libran is the best partner for the Aquarian. These two will form relationship under any circumstance. Both of these are air signs and appreciate each other’s manners and are free spirited. Aquarians form a slightly lesser but similar relationships with Gemini. Both are intelligent and free spirited. But Gemini’s dual personality might be a problem to Aquarians. Aquarians form a good relationship with each other as friends. But there is a lack of romantic passion in this relationship.

After air signs, fire signs are the next best partners for Aquarians. The gentle and loving nature of Aquarians will soothe the dominating Aries. This relationship will work really well if Aries is the masculine half. Aquarians bond well with the Leo as well. Leos are drawn towards the spiritual nature of Aquarians. Leos are egotist and arrogant on the outside but are compassionate at heart. Talking about Sagittarians, these people get along easily with almost anyone. Sagittarians get along really well with Sagittarians. Sagittarians are drawn towards political and social issues and Leo’s intellect attracts them.

Water signs find the Aquarians comforting. Pisces and Aquarians, being adjacent signs, bond well. Like all adjacent signs, Pisces and Aquarius enjoy an overlap of personalities. But the differences between them are enough to lend an interesting touch to the relationship. The Aquarian appreciates the gentle and sweet nature of the Piscean. But unless fire signs are ascendants on both the sides, there will be lack of certain buzz. Scorpions and Aquarians also form a good relationship. The fiery and passionate nature of the Scorpions appeals to the Aquarians.  But these two do not get along all the time and they might enter into arguments.  Talking about Cancer and Aquarius, these two form good friendship relations but not really good partners.

Earth signs are not good match for Aquarius. There is conflict of interests between these two. Virgos are very practical, rational and possess a sharp intellect which they will rarely find in Aquarius. Taurus and Aquarius might get along well, but the critical nature of Taurus and their over zeal for money will put off the soulful Aquarian. Capricorn and Aquarius being adjacent signs will get along well. Their love for knowledge will bring them close. Capricorns will play the submissive role in this relationship.

So now you are well aware of how will be your Aquarian spouse! Love them the way them want to be loved! Share the love by paying a tweet or share. You never know how a share or tweet can turn your boring love life to awesome!

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