Will Sreesanth Make a Come Back? AskGanesha’s Prediction

Former India capped cricketer S Sreesanth discharged in the IPL 2013 spot-fixing case by a Delhi court. Sreesanth broke down on hearing the order while the other accused including the players present in the courtroom started hugging each other. Sreesanth said at last justice has been done to him, adding, “God willing, I will be able to return to cricket. I have no regrets, no complaints.”
Askganesha.com don’t see that Sreesanth will come back in the Indian team. He will nevertheless, try and remain connected to cricket in some way or the other, but there is no possibility of his coming back to the Indian Cricket team even getting back to IPL is also in dark.  Ask Ganesha says that he is under Sade Satti and it is unlikely that he will get a break again. There is also Parivar tana yoga which places Saturn and Mars together in his horoscope chart. All of these planetary combinations are not good indicators and do not favour his comeback.
Will Sreesanth Make a Come Back? AskGanesha's Prediction by

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