Your planets tell everything about your Health Problems and their solutions


Sound wellbeing is significant in life same like every other important thing on the grounds that there is an old saying ‘Wellbeing is riches.’ Mental wellbeing is all together extremely valuable to be free from Health Problems. The thought of life span remains as the primordial one in Astrology. The Sun and the Moon and the Ascendants are the three vitals focuses; all these three angles should be solid, at that point it indicates a sound and a long life. It is most raised in the horoscope, for example, the ruling planet of the horoscope has a lot to do with the life span and sound life. In the event that a planet is in the benefic house and getting useful perspectives, it positively advances life span and in the event that it is malefic with great angles, your life may have some turbulence.

Health Problems and astrological houses


sun for health problems

Sun- sun-stroke, heart, spinal cord, blood circulation, left eye problems in females and right eye problems in males.



Moon- Breast-related problems, cold, pneumonia, stomach, kidneys, uterus problems, stomach, motions, mania, and lower abdomen problems



Mercury- nerves, lungs, mouth, tongue, speech related problems, epilepsy, and hands



Venus- cheeks, throat, veneral disease, skin, and reproductive problems



Mars- hemorrhage, forehead, muscles, nose, burns, fevers, injuries, accidents, suicidal tendencies and electric shock



Jupiter- blood vessels, diabetes, liver, thigh, right ear, obesity, problems occurring due to excess eating



Saturn- bony appearance, teeth, bones, general weakness, asthma,skin-related disease, chronic disease, and tuberculosis

Rahu- cancer, leprosy, poisoning, disease to spleen, snake bite, the bite of creatures such as snake or insects

Kethu- hypertension, allergies, lunacy, blood pressure problem, and allergies

This ordinarily implies expanded wellbeing, yet can in some cases lead to difficult issues also. It relies upon the planet and the perspectives to it.

Health Problems and Astrology 

Principally, it relies upon how much the power that the planet has to act. In the case that its capacity is reduced or kept down, it kind of strikes back by causing disease or Health Problems. A planet that can’t demonstration as per its positive nature will respond in a negative manner. Practically all medical issues are brought about via planetary powers in the horoscope kept down or being blocked.

Every planet has its own particular manner of influencing the wellbeing – both in a positive manner, when accurately lively and in a negative manner when hindered.

In astrology gemstones, puja and other Vedic astrological remedies are proposed to avoid the awful impacts of malefic planets which causes Health Problems and disease.

While the Zodiac signs oversee the body parts than either can be solid or get struck by ailment, the genuine powers at play are spoken to by the planets and comparative focuses in the horoscope. They are the dynamic pieces of the horoscope and a good astrologer can advise you wisely in such problems.

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